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Akurasi Translation Services | Our People

Man Power

Our People

Management Team

CV Akurasi Translation Services was founded by Abdul Mukti, Akhmad Ripai Subroto and Nadhira Khalid in 2005. To date, the trio works very closely to run the company with its vision for excellence in customer relations. Abdul is the Managing Director, supported by Akhmad (Senior Manager Project) and Nadhira (Senior Manager Customer Relations).

In-House Team

Our diverse in-house team of project managers and translators will always find the best solutions for you. Currently our in-house team is comprised of the followings:

  • Admin: 2 admin staff
  • Translation: 12 in-house technical translators; 3 sworn/legal certified translators
  • Editing/proofreading: 4 editors/proofreader
  • Interpretation: 8 simultaneous/consecutive interpreters
  • Localization: 5 localization specialists
  • Transcription: 4 transcribers
  • Voice-over: 3 female and 3 male VO talents.
  • DTP: 2 DTP specialists

Regional Team

We work with a network of excellent regional linguists across the South East Asia. They are project managers, translators, editors, subtitlers, voiceover talents who are native professional linguist of the target language.

Nadhira Akhmad Abdul