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Akurasi Translation Services | Translation Service


We offer translation services from English into Indonesian, Khmer, Thai, Lao, Burmese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and vice versa with below categories:

Technical and Mining Translations

Our core specializations are Technical (Automotive, Machinery) and Mining Translations. Our in-house technical translators have an extensive work experience in handling large technical projects and are also very familiar with the standards, processes and terminologies of translation of technical and mining-related materials including mining operations and maintenance, heavy equipment operations and maintenance, power plant, filter plant, process plant, safety, environment, etc.

Legal Translations

We provide fast, quality, and affordable legal translations by our sworn and certified legal translators from around the region.

If you need a sworn or legal translator in a specific language of South East Asia then we are available to help.

General Translations

We provide general translation services, such as company profiles, brochures, correspondences, news stories, brochures, minutes of meetings, organizational announcements and memorandums, speeches, etc.

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