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Akurasi Translation Services | English Indonesian Translation Services

In today's fast-paced, multicultural and global communications, rapid, accurate, dependable translation and related services are a luxury. As a company specializing in English to Bahasa Indonesia translation and related services since 2005 with professional translating experience dating back to 1997, we have proven track records and reputation. Since 2014 we have expanded our services to include translation from English into ASEAN languages and vice versa, and related services. Our clients, be they large-scale corporations, partner translation agencies/companies, and individuals from all over the globe, have come and returned to us for the following reasons:

# Specialists' touch

We fully employ human translators, who are natives in their mother tongues and experts in their specializations, all experienced in and committed to global business standards.

# Strong technical background

We have worked on and been exposed to technical translations since 1997, with mining as our core, specializing in machinery, heavy equipment, mining operations, process and power plants, environment, safety, etc.

# Top quality with money back guarantee

We always aim to give the best to our clients. We are committed to returning our clients' money in the event our products are beyond doubt substandard as generally applicable in the industry.

We would further feel encouraged and honored should you explore further the facts about us (the company), our resources quality maintenance, and pictures to prove that we mean what we say.

Only after you have fully considered our qualities would we suggest that you choose either of the services we offer.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us via available means as provided.

Nadhira Akhmad Abdul