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Akurasi Translation Services | QA/QC Proces


Quality Control

We, at Akurasi Translation Services, are committed to providing the highest quality of translation to allow you to communicate more easily and effectively with your clients and customers. We achieve this commitment by the following.

The qualified personnel

When recruitting our translators/interpreters, we only select those who have minimum 10 years of experience in translation or interpretation. Jobs are done by native translators and we regularly hold training and assessment to check and improve their skills and knowledge in various translation topics.

Quality Control Process

Our quality control process for translation is shown as follows:

1. Analyzing a Project

Upon receiving a project, a Project Manager will be assigned to take charge of it and conduct a preliminary analysis of the project in terms of the content, system, terminology, media, formatting, etc

2. Setting up a Project Team

Having identified of the project nature, the Project Manager will form a team that consists of most qualified translators, editor/proofreader and a DTP technician.

3. Creating a Glossary

Creating a glossary for a project is one of our procedures in producing quality translation. The glossary contains key terminilogy in the source language and approved translations for that terminology in the target language. It will enforce consistency, shorten the time it takes to translate a document, and reduce the overall cost of thranslation over time. The glossary is to be created by translators and finalized by the project manager.

4. Translating

Your documents will be translated by our native professional translators of the target language by applying our translation procedures and guides as well as use the glossary that has been created in order to produce quality and consistent translation.

5. Editing

In this step, the translated document is checked by our editor to make sure that correct terminology was used. This is achieved by researching each term that raises a doubt, or even terms that are unknown to the editor, just to make sure that the right terms were used. Our editor will ensure everything is correct with the translation and this typically involves research whether online or in specialized dictionaries accompanied by recommended corrections to translators' work. The editor then returned the edited work to translator(s) who did the translation. Then the translator makes necessary revision on the recommendation from the editor

6. Proofreading

In this stage, the translation and editing of the text have been done previously, and it is not necessary, in principle, to refer to the source text. Our proofreader focuses primarily on the idea that the translated text ead smoothly and sounds natural in the target languagem in addition to detecting possible inconsistencies regarding capitalization and punctuation. Also, when dealing with documents that have a particular format, a prooreader may often detected typographical errors, issues related to images and fonts, etch. This all will be fixed by our proofreader

7. Typesetting(DTP)

Typesetting is also known as Desktop Publishing(DTP). When proofreading is finished, our DTP staff will process tables and graphics in the text by using suitable software such as inDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, PageMaker or other DTP software

8. Delivering to Client

Upon completing the whole above stages, the translation will be submitted to client, usually in the form of soft copy or hard copy if it is required by the client

9. After-sales Service

After delivery of a project, we continue to serve the client on future update of a translated document. In relation to future project, we set up bank of terminologies for each client so that it is usable to its future updated projects

10. Client's Feedback

Along with delivery of finished translation, we would also send our Customer Feedback Form to all our clients for their feedback on our service. We welcome and follow up their comments and suggestions for improving ourselves and services to our clients

Similar Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures apply to our other services, including Voice Over, Localization, Subtitling, Transcription.
Nadhira Akhmad Abdul